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07-01-2004, 09:18 PM
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Originally Posted by senate
Doig's hit wasn't exactly a bonecrusher. Lindros can't stand the wear and tear of playing in the NHL: he has concussion problems, hell his family has a history a history of concussion problems. What Lindros lacks isn't guts or gonads, its the physical ability to play in the NHL without getting hurt on average plays. Is it his fault? No. Does it diminish his value as hockey player? Yes. I am tired of people who can't acknowledge that concussions are capable of ending careers. It doesn't matter how brave Lindros is or how big his "gonads" are, he has a physical disability that severly limits his effectiveness and value as a hockey player.

If your so confident that he has the heart to play through a concussion, why don't you offer to insure his contract?
i know all of this. my comment didnt have to do with him playing through his concussion problems. im just tired of people making these cheap jokes about him whenever his name is brought up.

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