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10-15-2008, 11:00 AM
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There are (at least) three sorts of fans:

a) Habs Fans - those will boo any opponent star player, hoping this will affect that player's concentration and make him play bad. They will also cheer someone like Guy Lafleur who they still feel like belonging to the Habs. They will never boo a current Hab Player - it would be like booing your own son or nephew when he plays a bad game in his league.

b) The Hockey/Sports fans - those will not boo anyone, because it is not "fair" and "sportsmanlike" and "classy". The players are athletes, doing their best, and you do not boo a swimmmer or a skater when he has a bad performance - why would you boo a hockey player?

c) The Show fans - They will boo anyone, opponent and hab player alike, provided "it is fun" and makes for good entertainment. They assume they have the right to be entertained since they paid 2-300 dollars a ticket, a lot more then many good rock concerts. If Laraque won't be there to perform, they are entitled, at least, to boo Ryder, or Chara or even Brisebois to make for the wasted cash. A poll showed that the american hockey audience is very similar to the american wrestling audience. Go figure.

So while the action is similar, the motivation behind it is different.

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