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10-15-2008, 02:17 PM
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On another note... we've also realized its impractical to count on one person to do everything.... as evidenced by harry missing a couple games... it would be nice to have two people to split the duties...

One to do Home games... one to do road games so we try to get a 50/50 split and not a starter/backup role as we feel both people will be important.

And with 2 people if you aren't available to do one (vacation, exams, etc....) you can get the other person to do it.

The most important thing will be reliability and second will be the artwork. I also think a situation where one person post up GDTs (doing all the facts and stat research) but using anothers help with artwork and designs could work as Harry has made it work in the past.

This is not a slight to Harry at all... I'd have to put him as an early leader to continue in the role.... but there is no reason why we can't explore making the GDTs better.

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