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10-15-2008, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Ra View Post
It's not fair anymore We should play with our sticks inverted. and they can't get the moral victory anymore.
I don't want to get blasted, but isn't the moral victory joke outdated?

It seems to me that Habs fans are obsessed with moral victories, not Bruins fans.

*Beaker, if this is considered trolling, delete the post. I'm just wondering about why "moral victory" keeps being used.*

Originally Posted by Mustafa View Post
I just can't picture the Bruins beating the Habs, i realy need to see it one time because i just can't remember. Imagine the wieght lifted off the Bruins shoulders when they will finaly win over us... in regular time!
Could one argue that a playoff win is more valuable than a regular season win?

To be fair though, you guys are getting the wins, but the last two regular season games have gone to a shootout. Had this been before the lockout, that would have been two ties in a row. Don't let the stat fool you - the games are close.

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