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10-15-2008, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Dominant Hegemony View Post
So i just came back from the games (was sitting in the reds, Row W 107) and lemme tell you that the habs are lucky to have won that game.

1) The first period was pretty uneventful until the 3 goals were scored.

2) The 2nd period was pretty sucky and the habs let the Ruins rally back.

3) The 3rd was REALLY not good and the refs were BRUTAL.

4) Although the Ruins' last goal was purely a lucky fluke, they outworked the habs for most of the night. Believe it or not, they are a scary team. Solid defensively and they didnt give up at all all night.

5) The crowd most definitely wasnt into that one. A lot of people left when the game was 3-2 (too bad for them). I dunno...the atmosphere was not very impressive for a home opener.

In the end, im happy the habs won, but they really should of put that game away in the second...smells like bad habits all over again...

I strongly disagree this point. Maybe a lot of people left in the reds because most of them are only rich people who aren't that much of a fan. I was sitting on the very last row of the Bell center and let me tell you, i did notice some empty seats on the reds but on the upper bowl, almost nobody left. And i really understand when you sau the atmosphere was not impressive. Everytime the Bruins score, the crowd was very loud chanting GO HABS GO. I dunno, maybe on the Reds it was more quiet but it was very loud where i was.

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