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10-16-2008, 07:09 AM
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I thought the game was a bit like Super Bowl Sunday against the Rangers. They got the lead, had some close calls, were moving the puck around easily, but did the same thing, they fell in love with their skill. They watched all the nice passes and let up on what gives them room to make them.

Every now and then it happens. I thought the B's worked hard and it'll be interesting to see them develop because their strength is in having more finesse forwards than in the past. I wonder how this will work out long term. I thought Chara played like a captain for one of the few times against Mtl. He played a great game, esp. the 2nd half when in the past, he'd lose his composure a bit. Mtl doesn't quite have the 3 line advantage over Boston, at least not down the middle as Boston has 3 good C's. They aren't nearly as deep on the wing, esp in terms of offensive talent, but they match C with anybody.

Tanguay had nothing to show for his 5 on 5 work but easily had his best game. Latendresse is in the play in situations that he wouldn't have gotten to in the past. He flubbed some promising chances last night, but he was there to have them so..., it's a good sign.

Discipline let Boston back into the game, I thought, Boston worked hard, but penalties opened the door. I thought the pk was strong last night.

Overall, they obviously have stuff in their game to owrk out, but have 7 out of 8 points while doing so.

If you look at Mtl's style, fault them for not scoring the 4th more than giving up the 3rd.

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