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10-16-2008, 07:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
What l learned about the Habs last night: they are f***ing softies and will never win anything important as long as it continue to be that way.

After the Laraques fight, the crowd was all enthousiastic and the players should have wanted to eat the rink, hits everything that move. But this is not what happened. I was surprised how the players didn't feed on the energy to make their presence felt. Because of it the game was a weird one with no momentum. No passion. No much hits coming from O'Byrne and Komi...what are paying these guys for? I mean did we know we were facing the Boston Bruins? We should have more guys that wants to play physical and we had a third line that was very innefective this time. Dandy is useless if he's not gonna have more grit. He's just a big body that serves nothing. Kosto didn't scare anything.

That lack of intensity had an effect over everything from lack of hits to how awkward we were on the PK. Plek totaly caused the first goal because he refused to take a hit. Chiken Sh** attitude that got us beat by the Flyers in the playoffs.

Furhermore what the Hell happened to the powerplay that was so effective against Toronto and why the Hell they got Lang out of the there? The two wave powerplay system makes me want to vomit. Put all your best guys on the first wave! Last year we finished first and yet it was with only one effective wave. We need a righty on the PP and Lang should be there! Saku is good at getting his nose dirty, he should be there too. I mean in Toronto it was f***ing scary to see Markov, Tanguay, Lang, Saku and Kovy there. Keep it that way! Changing it is the same damn stubborn illogical decision-making that had Carbo not break up the Samsonov-Kovalev like even though it was not working. I mean we had that crap for the whole year almost.

Sure we have skills but that's not how you win respect and makes you win championships. That's drive, that's character. But we almost let eveybody down because we had none last night.
People pissed after a win... and we wonder why UFAs don't sign here...

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