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10-16-2008, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Blades 0f Steel View Post
A few notes from last night's game:

-Laraque definitely made a difference & the Bruins were pretty quiet. Carbo tried to get him out there against Lucic in the 3rd. Basically what I was expecting from Big Georges, his presence keeps the opposition honest.

-Lapierre had an absolute gift & bobbled a few more chances, but he got all those chances from hard work. Solid game from him, & he's improving his play in his own end. He's much, much better along the boards & at stripping the puck off a player in his own zone.

-Price was giving out a ton of rebounds & bobbled the puck which lead to the 2nd goal. Oddly enough, this was his strength last season when he was a rookie. In spite of this, he was quick enough to react to just about everything. I think over the course of the season he'll calm down & put it all together.

-Tanguay, Pleks, A.Kost, S.Kost, Lang, Koivu, Kovalev: beautiful, beautiful plays as always. A.Kost is a beast, Kovalev was just...magnificent at times. I hope Saku's OK.

-Tender: He ran into Chara full speed a couple of times, you wouldn't see that last year from him. He needs to keep his stick on the ice if he's to stay on the 2nd line or the PP unit. A lot of people will want to pick on him for every little minutiae, but he wasn't bad last night. A lot of the passes from the 2nd line were either bouncing around or intercepted by Bruin sticks.

-Hamr & Komi: they looked a little like Rivet & Souray when they took bad penalties. I thought Komi had his best game yet, despite missing 1/4 of it from the penalty box.

-Kostopoulos: geez, he really is twice as good as Begin.

-Chipchura: would have looked damn good between Lapierre & Laraque

Overall: the Habs weren't that bad in the 2nd & 3rd, really. Just credit the Bruins for making a game out of it & blame the Habs/refs for penalty troubles. Not to mention all the bad bounces/missed chances in the last 6 minutes...the Bruins were very lucky to get a point.

I wanted to take note of the refs' names in case I ever go postal one day.

That tripping on Kovy was ridiculous, and they both saw it. The score was 3-2 and would've killed any comeback chances by the Ruins. But they didn't call it all in the sake of 'parity' in the league.

Originally Posted by MCMario View Post
Agreed, I second all of that.

I'm so pissed at some fans here...

Lats couldn't have a better start this season and some people still critiscize him... What you want more from this guy ? He hits, works hard, creates great chances with his passing play, shoots the puck, and yet there's people not giving him any credit at all. Go ask Hammer if he gave some credits to Lats on one of his goals, go ask Koivu and he will tell you Lats has improved and is better than last year. Pure blind hate on a hometown boy. If his name was 'Smith' you would all praise him.

He's great!!! but he still looks fat

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