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10-16-2008, 06:38 PM
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Originally Posted by bb_fan View Post
Edwards sucks.

NESN hockey blows as they seem to have gotten rid of most of there good (and i use that term loosely) play by play and on ice guys.

RDS is worse beleive it or not on homerism.

Brickley on the other hand is great.

the fight if anything was a draw.
But i suppose some unbiased and non-homer hab fans wants to give it Laraque for noogies to the back of the head.....

should help to light a fire under the rivalry the might actually draw some recognition back from the rest of the league finally.
Wrong and wrong.

Houde is one of the most objective commentators out there.

Slight edge to Laraque on the fight due to more punches landed. Most to the back of the head, but a punch is a punch. Not to mention Laraque looked totally in control after his slip.

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