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10-16-2008, 11:42 PM
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Originally Posted by David View Post
Winning begets winning and winners know what it takes to win.

It is not an over reaction. Far from it.

So far, this gentleman was one of the very few that seems to understand it.
7pts in 8 games.... = winning.....

Winners find ways to win games they should've lost cause they aren't at their best.
Losers find ways to lose games they should've won cause their opponent isn't playing to their best level.

Originally Posted by David View Post
Yes agreed, if they keep blowing leads like they did last year, it would be a greater issue.

And yes, it was one freaking game but it was an important one freaking game, esp. because of all the other things that I listed before.

It was one freaking game that would have set the mood and changed the expectations for this entire year!

I'm glad that it's over and we eeked out a win. Now let's see what the team can do for the next 80 games.
I really think you overestimate the importance of the pregame ceremony and whatnaught... this wasn't comparable to Vancouver's need to win their first game after the Bourdon ceremony. This is one of may ceremonies this year honoring the greats.... I'm sure the players enjoy them, but I don't think there is any we need to win this game cause of the ceremony before it emotion there.

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