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10-17-2008, 12:04 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
Laraque gets in a fight, he goes down, gets up, lands some, takes some, no clear advantage to anyone, but he did what he felt he had to do. Aside from that, he skated out his shifts trying to get the kinks out.

So, once the obvious has past, why does either side need to paint some non-existent drama ? Lucic has a set, any fan with any brain activity whatsoever knows this, I expect you do.

I also read how those guys are comparing Komi to old Ulfie . Who cares ? I can't decide which is dumber. I know fans like to one up each other but does anyone believe this stuff ?

My Dad's tougher than your Dad.

Not that I want to substantiate the Komi = Samuelsson thing... but a lot of folks thought (and still think) he was quite the defenseman.

Just a good, and in many facets tough defenseman that at times crossed the line to get the job done with disasterous results... then failed to answer the bell when called upon to do so.

Bruins fans see a resembalance right or wrong (personally I don't think Komisarek has crossed the line anywhere near to that extent). I will say that like the majority I find it maddening he doesn't answer the bell... but to each their own. I'm happy to watch Lucic and Komisarek hit the living crap out of each other as long as its kept clean.

I think on a defense wise level , as much as I hate him, you could do worse then to be compared to Ulf Samuelsson.

As for the Lucic Laraque thing... I think if anything Julien doesn't want Lucic to go with him because as of yet, Lucics just an inexperienced 20 year old that hasn't engaged many legit Heavy's. Sending him out there and letting him fight one of the better fighters in the league makes little sense especially when you have a guy like Shawn Thornton around to do the useless scrapper on scrapper fighting thing.

So on Juliens part, I think he's just looking out for Lucics well being right now. I have no doubt Carbo wants to do the same for Komisarek. I would be surprised if Julien keeps Looch on a leash all year however...whether its personal pride that eventually causes the scrap, or Julien lets the kid test himself, I think we'll see at least one Lucic/Laraque tilt this season.

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