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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
You do realize that he "belongs" there mostly 'cause of his contract situation. As far as the other way better players coming up next year....who are we talking about here? At the center position? Maxwell? Maybe but we don't know how he'll develop this year and he might be our 3rd line centerman while Chip could still be our 4th. Who else? Lehoux? Obviously not...White? Won't be ready. So at the center position the only guy that could have a spot is Maxwell. So there are not better GUYS but there might a better GUY....we'll see if he's indeed better and if they'll fight for the same spot.

As far as slow defensive centerman that sucks at faceoffs....well he can improve his faceoff ability...Lapierre seems to have been able to do it.....and Chipchura shouldn't be more or less intelligent than him. As far as still claiming that it was a waste of a pick, while I didn't want him and preferred Green at the time, if the guy is able to make us land wouldn't be that waste of a pick after all.....but I fail to see how he'll be able to do it since he sucks so much....

As far as having some value, I will never understand that. If he's having some value to other teams, he'll still have some value to our team as well. But who would want a slow defensive centerman that sucks in the faceoff circle.
It's an arguement that always confuses me. We see it a lot, poster says player A sucks, let's trade him. The assumption is that rival gms are basically stupid and want to fill their teams with players who suck. My personal favorite is that how other teams don't really want to win, so they'll take 3 mediocre players for 1 good one.

Regarding Chipchura specifically, I don't know how the org. regards him right now. They seem more invested in Lapierre and not inclined to clear space for Chipchura.

They don't 'owe' him for being a 1st rounder, so they do what they see fit.

I'm curious, did anyone here see much of him prior to the achilles injury ? Is he pretty well the player that western hockey fans expected at draft time ?

We talk offensive upside,faceoffs, mobility, but nobody in th eorg comments so I'm curious as to where he stands. Obviously on the outside looking in, but due to lack of spots, or have they simply decided he can't play the role envisioned ?

As for Erika's joy, when a good kid not making it causes you to celebrate, waving your hands in the air because you so love being right, you've got a long way to go, kiddo.

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