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10-17-2008, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
K., I don't know who fights for what reason and who doesn't for what reason. I don't know which coaches instruct players not to, and frankly, telling the truth isn't something coaches feel the nedd to do. They'll say what suits them, pretty well all of them so you have to use your own bs detector.

As to players involved, I doubt Lucic ducks anyone, I think that he gets carried away with proving his pugilistic worth and gets reigned in at times. In the end, winning fights won't get him th erole he should be aiming for.

As to what Komi's advice from the staff is, no idea. If he's gleefully doing everything he can to rile the opposition, he's doing a good job. Why he doesn't fight, that's up to him and his coaches and I have no real idea, though bits and pieces from all the different posts seem to fit.

The overall conversation really isn't relevant to the game a whole lot. The ammount of time devoted to who should fight that I see on boards lowers the collective iq's quite a bit.

Tell me you didn't notice your gdt more devoted to who'd get who then the game itself. Then here, whether Laraque would wander the ice surface like a wrestler throwing bodies over the ropes.

Even worse, you'll soon be told to go back to your own board with some witty Ruins joke, while your equivalent looking to chat on yours will read some clever divers crack before being told the same.
Agree with it all. I stayed away from the Bruins - Habs GDT's for that very reason... well that and I watched the game with my kids.

I will say, the hate on is a great thing to see once again, but there seems to be far far more chilidish responses happening on both sides. Perhaps this is from an influx of young fans, I don't know. Sure makes the mods jobs a living nightmare though I imagine

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