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10-17-2008, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
I'm sorry... I missed the part of the game where Boston won and we lost. Quick get Daniel Bigras on the case. The NHL is wrong. TSN is wrong. Sportsnet is wrong. The newspapers are wrong. Montreal lost to Boston, they should not be awarding us two points.

Team that won the game but was not at their best = MONTREAL on wednesday night. The key point here is WON THE GAME.

C' can't be that thick can you?

I'll spell it out for you then.

This is what you said...and I added the bolded parts.

Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
Winners find ways to win games they should've lost cause they aren't at their best. <=== strangely sound like B's last night! They almost "found a way to win" it when "they they should've lost"

Losers find ways to lose games they should've won cause their opponent isn't playing to their best level. <=== strangely sound like the CH last night who "found a way to almost lose a game they should've won" or should have put away easily after the 1st period.
You sound like a pretty intelligent guy otherwise so I know that you're not that thick...

Here's something first hand from someone closer to all this.


But Alex Kovalev said the Canadiens had only themselves to blame for the fact they had to go to a shootout before beating the Bruins, 4-3, in the team's home opener at the Bell Centre.

"I think we just continued what we were doing last year when we took the lead," Kovalev said of the Canadiens' listless play after going ahead 3-0 in the first period. "Instead of playing 60 minutes, we sat on the lead. We have to keep playing like we did in the first period.

"We did it last year and it cost us and cost us tonight," said Kovalev. "It's something we should learn to correct real quick while it's still early in the season."

At least we have players who understand let's see if the coach has learned from his mistakes last year and adjust his strategies as needed.

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