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10-17-2008, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
No we need to play better... i haven't seen a single 60 minute performance to this point from the habs... even the third period of the toronto game was lacking but we'll let them get away with that as we wouldn't want to run up the score (ala Don Cherry). Noone is saying that we are perfect. However David's initial post sounded awfully pessimistic and talked about how this proves we won't win the cup this year. I strongly disagree with that.
Fair enough, I didn't read his initial post, just saw a lot of people jumping on him for what looked like a harmless observation.

This team has need to give a solid 60mins of effort since the lock-out and despite the depth we now have, things haven't changed. It's the 4th season we've been saying the same things. Hopefully these guys don't read into their own press clippings and just give it their all for the whole game. The Boston game may have helped them realize that. If they don't give the necessary effort, they won't win, it's that simple.

Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
That'S not the point. There is just no reason to go overboard about it like he did. It is only the 4th game of the season, and Carbo knows better than anyone here what his team needs to do. We quickly forget that 2 of the 3 main lines have new important players to them and that we are missing one of our best two-way forwards. No reason to go into panic mode. He did say we were not contenders, jsut because of that performance, now that's just silly.
Again, I probably should have read the post.

I just think that it's a very fair criticism to point out that this team needs to play 60 mins to win. We only played 1 period against the Bruins and it almost cost us.

In a way this may be a good thing for the boys who will realize they need to give 60mins of good hockey to win games.

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