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10-17-2008, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Quiet Robert View Post
Fair enough, I didn't read his initial post, just saw a lot of people jumping on him for what looked like a harmless observation.

This team has need to give a solid 60mins of effort since the lock-out and despite the depth we now have, things haven't changed. It's the 4th season we've been saying the same things. Hopefully these guys don't read into their own press clippings and just give it their all for the whole game. The Boston game may have helped them realize that. If they don't give the necessary effort, they won't win, it's that simple.

Again, I probably should have read the post.

I just think that it's a very fair criticism to point out that this team needs to play 60 mins to win. We only played 1 period against the Bruins and it almost cost us.

In a way this may be a good thing for the boys who will realize they need to give 60mins of good hockey to win games.
Exactly, although I don't like how we played abainst the B's, I rather see theses things now in October than in Feb. or March.

Anyway, it's too soon to judge the team IMO, we only played 4 games so far - including one against the Marlies...

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