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Originally Posted by Gros Bill View Post
lol. Worst thing for an interview, and I speak from experience, is dry-mouth. And having to speak Spanish. So now, I get really drunk beforehand and ... problem solved!
I was actually interviewed by the local paper a few weeks ago. Of course, there was a twist. A photographer was here to see my wife about an ad her store was doing, and as she wasn't home, I was just chatting with her, when the dog starting barking at her.

She told me that they were doing a feature on dogs, the angle being that they'd photograph the dogs, and interview them, with theowner actually answering,doing the part of the dog. I figured what the hell, I'd be a wimp to say no, so I was actually in the Straight Talk section of the Glengarry News, playing the part of Lenny The Beagle.

Somehow, I thought life would've turned out differently, but I enjoyed it, and Lenny seemed proud.

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