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10-17-2008, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by David View Post
Tsk, tsk. I expected so much more from you than this kind of fabrication.

This was exactly what was said, cut and pasted from the oringial post on page 9.

"I am in NO way in favour of Claude Julien as a coach over Carbo but what Julien showed tonight was that he can instill character into his team and almost willed a team into a victory from an impossible position. Whereas Carbo showed that he could take a completely victorious situation and turn it into a near disaster...the anti-Julien as a coach.

This would also have had a tremendous psychological impact to the B's as well...actually, too late! I think now the B's know that even if they go down 3 goals against Montreal, they can come back so in the future, CH just made their jobs that much harder for themselves.

This cannot and must not happen again, esp. in important games and in playoffs if there is any hope of drinking from that Cup!"

Perhaps I gave you too much credit before on what you said about winners and losers before as well since what you said then is not what you say in this post, either.

In any case, what I high lighted above still stands... and I even posted the same kind of sentiments from Kovalev of all people indicating the same and not some gibberish like alot of the kids on this thread.

A team suddenly stops playing good hockey mid way through the 2nd period so we blame the coach?
You have never seen a team come back from 3 goals down before? you should watch more hockey. It happens way more than you think.
did you forget already that last year the same team coached by Carbo came back from 5-0 down.

The bruins were aided by the refs Wednesday night.
The 5 on 3 they got was non-sence. The refs simply didnt call anything in them in the 3rd and the tying goal was the flukiest of all fluke goals.
Did they deserve it more then us the game? well, Ill argue, NO, they didnt because in the first half of the game we were by far the better team on the ice. The shots were 19-8 at one point for Montreal.

I think this thread has done its time, it should be time to move on to tommorow night.
Any way you look at it, the Habs left the bell centre with 2 points and nothing will change that.

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