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Originally Posted by MTL-rules View Post
First, every player get his share of "trade" talks, Kovy, Koivu, Latendresse, A Kostitsyn (remember?), Pleks (the same year that everyone wanted AK gone) all of the bottom line players, Bouillon, Halak (of course)... the only ones who weren't consider and been with the team for more than a year are Markov and Komi (he'll probably be next if he isn't sign by the deadline), so it's not like Higgins is getting an unfair treatment, it's just habs fans...

Second, it's not that people don't like Higgins, except a few lunatics, everyone agree Higgins is a good player, but some feel we could get a star player in a package of Higgins +... it's only business...

Third... STOP referring to Higgins as a 40 goals scorer potential (by, exemple, saying he could have score 15 more goals if...). There are very few players who can score 40 goals and to have that potential, you have to be a very special player (either of incredible raw talent like AK or someone who dominated every level before the NHL, which Higgins hasn't done). Higgins has the potential to be a solid 30 goals scorer... if he achieves that and proves he could get to the next level... only then, can we talk about 40... stop overrating him... it's one of the reasons why some people want to trade him... they feel he's underachieving, which is false, he's already a very solid nhler.
good post......your third point though, I see it alittle different. CH had 27 goals last year, hit 8 posts that I can remember, so yeah could'a/should'a 35.
If your saying CH potential is as a 30 goal scorer I'd say your underrating him......M Ryder was a 30 goal scorer and I see CH as sooooo much more than "just" a 30 goal scorer in the MRyder mold.

40 goals with Tangs & Saku is not out of the question. But until he does it people will continue to say he can't or wait and see. Maybe I'm too optimistic but I can see 36-40 this year.

I will say this as far as a trade goes.......if Bob is willing to trade Iginla, given the right package, CH could be moved.

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