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10-17-2008, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeynutz View Post
they played a very good first period.

2d & 3d, not so much.

many missed passes, bad passes, poor defensive play on both sides.

on the plus side, after scoring the first 3 goals - purcell got the first on a nice short-handed breakaway - they basically swapped goals. for each lowell goal, the monarchs responded.

bernier looked ok - he wasn't really tested all that much.

at one point, the monarchs were outshooting the devils 22-9.

annouced attendance: 1229. actually attendance, less than 1/2 of that. you could hear the guys talking to each other.
Essentially what I heard from a friend who went as well.

She said the 1st was great. The second started just okay, and then it went down hill from there.

Sounded like Lowell was really trying to provoke Westgarth, Bagnall and Crosty. Although, she also said that the most riled up they were able to get Crosty was by going after the smaller guys (Leveille in particular) and Bernier who one of the guys gave a whack to the back of the head.

It also sounded like they had some difficulty getting the puck out of their own zone by passing. Although, Voynov carried it out on his own a few times. She said he and Drewiske were among the better dmen. But they weren't without their own problems, but nothing massive.

What started the Murray fight? She thought it was a cross check, but wasn't sure. It sounded like a pretty good watch from what she told me.

Damn my first paycheck not clearing until Monday, I had to choose between tonight, tomorrow and Sunday.

Oh, and question for those who attended because she couldn't tell what had happened: Gionta (I think she said it was him) lost a skate blade? All she knew was that someone, she thought it was him, at one point scoot crawled off the ice like (and I quote) "A three legged dog in heat." Did anyone see if it was indeed a skate blade? And who it was for certain? Because it sounded hilarious once she realized it wasn't an injury. Or realized that it didn't seem to be an injury, since he came back.

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