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10-18-2008, 02:03 AM
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Originally Posted by AH View Post
I never commented on the BGL signing, but thanks for asking.

Yeah, you guys have sure walked all over the Habs with the physical play, not just the last 4 years but throughout history. Boston has always been big and bad while the Habs have always been the high flying skilled team.

Not until you drones over there do away with this ridiculous notion that toughness will get you anywhere in the long run, you will never get anywhere. All it will get you is stupidity on message boards. Yes, you win at arguing on a message board with your moral victories. Good for you. In the meantime, I will look for the next championship team that wears the CH.
Honestly, all childish comments aside (work with me here, acting like an adult is easy right) I never said, nor even alluded to Montreal being the fast skilled guys through all times. I don't know if it's little man syndrome or what, but don't worry I'm well aware of the history of tough Montreal players and teams. I hated the teams, but I respect them more then enough.

My comment was pretty self explanatory, and I think the monstrous thread on the BGL signing compared to the smaller Tanguay signing thread tells much. One only need to have been awake during the introductions the other night to know that most Habs fans are fairly excited at the prospect of getting some "moral victories" of their own, and for good reason. You may not be part of the majority, I don't care either way. No one likes to be walked all over, and lets face it, last year they lacked that guy that could hold the other team accountable for their actions (unless Kostopolous, or Sergei Kostitsyn are now legit concerns on the other bench). Now they have it, and good on them.

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