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10-18-2008, 08:34 AM
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it aint no religion...its bigger. Way bigger.

As i tried to explain to my german in laws, what hockey means in here, i couldn't really say it in a sentence. So i tried to give examples on why and how our Habs are important to us.
For instance, our goverment steals out tons of cash, it comes out in the papers and... nothing really happens. We are shocked but you know, its politics.. who cares? (lol)
But on the other hand, we win game seven of quarter finals, FIRST FRIGGING PLAYOFF ROUND, and theres a riot. ok...

-There's always a hockey section in the newspaper, whatever time of the year.
-People gather around on saturday night, not sunday morning.
-Beer is involed, not wine. and everyone is drinking...
-Who would turn on the radio in the car to be sure not to miss anything on the way to church? uh Hello?? Nobody.
-Not only do we listen to the (hockey) pope, but we argue and know better, always.
-Some of us got divorced because of hockey, the real fans, that chose bad. (wifewise)

finally, hockey is bigger than religion cause when it all started (mid 40's) religion went south from that day on. Hockey replaced religion, with the way of having no book to follow.
Just watch, enjoy and ... hope for the cup; every year!

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