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10-18-2008, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Section337 View Post
After reading his concerns, I wish he had treated writing this particular blog more in the fashion of a mainstream media piece. For example, I would like to actually be aware of who was involved in this discussion, we have a nom de plume who works for some nameless organization, and we have nameless Oilers' PR guys. The only names mentioned are Brownlee and Gregor.

I would also like to see actual quotes (and the e-mails), as opposed to interpretations of what was said. I ask this because having participated in the internet for years, I am always amazed by how often I can read or hear something and have someone else interpret it completely differently (often more passionately than I).
Essentially, what your saying is "why should we believe him?" You don't have to.

David's identity is not a secret if your read the blog, and I think it's obvious didn't include the emails, names of PR flacks, and his job title because it wasn't necessary. Contrary to what has been depicted, he was writing a measured blog post about why he was moving on, which in some tone-deaf environs like web boards gets turned into "attention-seeker" and "whiner." It wasn't meant to be a campaign or manifesto or call to arms at all, believe it or not.

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