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07-03-2004, 03:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Hemsky83
The threshold is 30 games.
Actually, unless you are absolutely certain, I am pretty sure that the threshold is 30 DAYS. Players in the NHL get paid monthly. There is some convoluted calculation as to how that works when a player switches teams, either through a trade or waivers as to number of game days and off days, but still players get paid every month.

The deductible once the player hits the threshold is 20%, meaning that the insurance company is on the hook for 80% once the threshold is hit.

30 games can't be correct, because that would mean that the team would have to pay almost the half the season if the player didn't play at all.

Another note ... when a player comes back from injury, the threshold restarts. That is, if a player is out 29 days, plays one game and is injured, he would have to be out for another 30 days for the insurance to kick in.

The question that I have is: does the injury time carry over to the next season? In Allison's case, did he have to pass the 30 day threshold again this year, or did his insurance start immediately because he was injured at the end of last season?

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