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07-03-2004, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by p.l.f.
Develanno was in studio for a few hrs talking wings/tigers
He mentioned how they'd like to get the payroll from 78 million as of last season down to 65 million.
They have offered 2 yr contracts to schneider and shanahan at roughly 3.75 million a yr.
Chelios was offered a 1 yr contract.
Hull and Thomas will not be back
They are happy with Cujo and Legace in net

He mentioned they'll likely look for a scorer in free agency

Question: how much would they have to spend on a scorer if the payroll is to be at 65 million and shanahan schneider chelios re-sign ?
Per, the wings have $45.8m committed to next year already. Their RFAs made $5m last year.

Committed: $45.8m
RFAs: $6.25m (assuming a 25% increase)
Shanahan: $3.75m
Schneider: $3.75m
Chelios: $3.00m???
Yzerman: $4.00m???

Total: $66.55m

Answer: They don't have any money left over for a scorer. Unless Chelios and Yzerman sign for less or Schneider doesn't come back.

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