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10-19-2008, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by FerrisRox View Post

Were you even paying attention to the game? Surely you must have noticed that after Phoenix's tough guy took a few Georges Laraques knuckles to his face, the entire Coytoes roster took their phyiscal game down a notch or two.

Previously, with a 4-0 or 4-1 lead, teams would just run the Canadiens throughout the third period trying to get the Bruins favorite - a moral victory, and with the hopes of intimidating a roster filled with finesse players into coughing up the puck, curling away in the corner or making panic passes to avoid getting pasted. Laraque gave every single one of those guys an extra second or two with the puck and the ability to use their speed to get to the puck and make a play without worrying about a guy taking liberties. When Laraque is on the bench, every Canadien has a few extra inches and a few extra pounds.

If you want to say "I thought cheapshots weren't supposed to happen" in a smarmy, saracastic, condescending way, be my guest, but it only makes you look silly, particularly in light of last nights events, when, after Georges made Phoenix answer for their actions, the Coyotes basically shut it down for the night.

Even Gretzky himself commented on Laraque handling things on the ice and effect it had on the game. I'm pretty sure I'll take his word over yours.

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