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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
Georges will only fight other heavyweights, and honestly while he did well against Fedoruk, he didn't destroy the guy or anything. I see absolutely no reason why the Phoenix players that are safe from Big Georges would somehow be deterred from hitting a Hab player uncleanly. Do you really think it's FEDORUK who would tell them not to???

Enforcers do not prevent cheap shots. What must be done to prevent (or at least reduce) injury-causing hits is clear communication from the league to create greater awareness among the players of the dangerous types of situations, followed up by greater certainty that committing a foul that is clearly defined as dangerous will be punished severely. That means major penalties, match penalties, or long suspensions.
BGL invited Sauer to a fight, and he would have fought him if Sauer had dropped the gloves. What Laraque meant was that he's not going to just jump on a guy and pound him... As to the Phoenix players being safe from BGL, he sure seemed to be ready to drop with any customer he found, and the Phoenix players were skating away from him.

Cheap shots come from the easyness of playing another team physically. Once you know you can dish out and dominate the other team, there's a bigger chance that one player pushes the envelope and gives a dirty hit. (Almost) no player ever wants to take out another player, but it just happens that the hit is one step above and the other guy gets taken out. Enforcers like Laraque do take out the feeling from the opponent that you should hit recklessly over and over again the other team because when that happens he takes the focus of the physical play on himself.

Your suggestion about "clear communication" is useless. If there are still players that don't know you can cause severe injuries with just a normal bodycheck and much more with dirty hits, then they're hopeless dweebs. In the heat of the moment, violent acts are perpetrated regardless of "later" consequence. That's why you don't see lower violent crime rates in places where sentences are harsher; it doesn't matter on the play at hand. An enforcer like BGL can reduce the "heat" of the moment, as players won't ascend their physical game to a dangerous level. The perfect example of this was in last night's game, where the Coyotes were tame in the third period, instead of escalating their physical game to a dangerous level. At the same time, players that disappear from the Habs when the going gets physical didn't fade either.

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