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10-19-2008, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
Exactly. The original post was delusional. Georges did not and can not "prevent" a high hit, especially not from a player that he could not fight against because of the "code of the heavyweights".

But he was useful in being the guy to do some of the fighting so that BOTH Komi and Kosto didn't have to, Komisarek being the top priority to spare.
This seems obvious to me, not sure why it's being debated.

GL and his talents do a couple things well. As was seen last night, it creates a distraction for the other team *AFTER* a hard hit is delivered. Players may see retribution coming, but they don't know where or when it will be delivered. Head-on-swivel play develops. Laraques line itself was given some room to move around and had some significant chances themselves partly because their presence was being heeded. The second thing GL brings is energy generation, needed to counter the sag that goes through the bench and crowd when a damaging hit is delivered.

We'll never know what a Laraqueless team would have done last night, but the chances of that hit becoming a game turning point was negated by Laraque's distracting qualities.

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