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10-19-2008, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by lou4gehrig View Post
What a pointless post. There are exceptions to every rule. And of course there are posters on here who are going to point it out on here.

So Crosby misses an open net once in awhile too. Whats your point? He can't score?


i was stating that geo will help in this area where he can,

but did not need a smart answer like above.....

Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
Please read the OP and my response carefully.

The OP said that Laraque was PREVENTING cheap shots.

Clearly, Laraque (and others) can RESPOND to them, but really, cheap hits can't be prevented unless the league cracks down. It's not because Fedoruk lost a decision without getting hurt that the many others on the Coyotes (whom Georges has said he would not touch) will change the way they hit.

I'm having a very hard time with the mixed messages I got from last night's observers. Many are saying that Sauer's hit was clean, but that Georges Laraque was right to fight Fedoruk to somehow "counter" it.

I don't agree with either view.

I think the hit was against the rules. It should have been punished by the referees and perhaps with a 1-3 game suspension as well, and that would be a much cleaner message to the Coyotes than having a vigilante run around avenging so-called clean hits.

I like having Big Georges around so that Komisarek can stop fighting the heavyweights of the other teams. He should also have a better fight-win ratio than tom Kostopoulos. If he can do these jobs without getting too many penalties and also help in the cycling game the 4th line plays, then he will be a fine addition to this team.

But it is delusional to think that his mere presence will prevent dangerous hits. As I said, we had Gino Odjick but how did that help Richard Zednik avoid Kyle McLaren's forearm?

of course if WON'T prevent hits, but he settled it down , as many posters here said, which is somethimg we could not do before.......

trust me, if you were in a setting like the habs were last nite, you would relish having geo on the bench.

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