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10-19-2008, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
I was watching O''Bryne play last night. I've had the impression that he's turned a bit of a corner the last few games. He seems more a part of the team, plays with a bit more confidence etc.

I don't predict a star in the making but hope he can be a solid d man. I've heard him comment, as well as the coaches, that they teach their young guys, in the system that they play, to move the puck quickly, don't take a few strides, move it fast because your forwrds are leaving the zone in a hurry.

So, this is the team's tempo and if you are going to free lance at all, you better have the talent to back it up.

O'b plays the right side and has to either hit his C in the middle or his winger on the right. More than any other d man on the team, he seems to find no option, and use the glass just to clear the zone. Most of our rw'ers are left shots.

I wonder if when he takes his first look, if he doesn't find an easy target. Brisebois and Komi have the experience and confidence to move their feet a bit and get a better angle, but I wonder if O'b is having a tough time because of this. He's coached to not hesiate but he has to pass to a guy's backhand.

Few teams have as many offside shooting wingers as Mtl. Does this matter ?
The problem with OByrne on his breakout passes are due to the fact that he thinks too much right now. Often the open man is there but he waits too long before making the pass, the option dissapears and hes then left with no choice to dump it out or to rush his play.

OB has all the makings to be a top 4 D. He is very tough to beat one on one with his reach, mobility and physical play. Hes also surprisingly good at carrying the puck and supporting the offense. However, he'll need to get better in his decision making to take the next step. I remember that Rivet was a lot like him and with time and experience became a fine defensman.

The Habs need to be patient with this Ryan because once he makes that next step they might have a gem in their hands.

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