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10-19-2008, 01:36 PM
Bill McNeal
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Originally Posted by Lone Rogue View Post
Absolutely. And it has nothing to do with goalie controversy or keeping Price on his toes or any of that nonsense. Even though Price has the potential to be the type of goalie to play 75 games a season, why the hell would you want that? So his all-time stats look better? Eh. I'd rather a healthy, tireless Price playing 60 and being able to rely on a back-up goalie who can win games on his own accord.

Price is our number one. Period. That said, it doesn't make Price look bad to have Jaroslav Halak start a few games, even some back to back. People will try to create a controversy, but it just won't exist. Halak is fine with 20-30, and until a team has an opening, he'll do good being a back-up.

It's my hope this year that Montreal cracks 60 wins. If 40 were from Price and 20 from Halak? I'd be more than happy.
60 wins?!

You have high hopes.

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