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Originally Posted by VO Ouragan16 View Post
I know that he won't be playing against another team for more than a week but does it really matter ? Really ?? I'm a defenseman, so I may be way out here, but he does practice with the team almost daily to keep himself sharp, no ?
So does Halak no ?

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Didn't he get tired last season??..

On top of it, when you have a great backup such as Halak, you don't have to rush Price into 70ish games.
You also can't ignore Halak and think he'll be happy playing 10ish games.

Also, all the goalies you mentioned, when they started, did not have another great youngster as their back up. It took them a few seasons before playing in the 70games range.
For Naby, when he was well seconded by Toskala, he didn't play 70ish games either.

Some people don't realize, when you have 2 great goalies, you have to make them play both. 55/25-50/30 sounds more like it.
Do you not remember he had been playing for almost 2 years without a break ?

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