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10-20-2008, 09:25 AM
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It's very hard to prove that the presence of BGL will actually "prevent" injuries from happening, mainly because those "prevented" injuries won't happen. Maybe next time a Flyer/Bruin defender will charge one of our stars he will tone down his hit thinking about George. You can't evaluate this effect.

Last year we had a rather low number of injuries, even without an enforcer. This year we might have more, with one, but this will be because of Karma not because of what he does or not. S...ahmm...bad things happen.

We will be a dominant skilled/finesse team. Rule 101 in countering such a team is "physical intimidation". BGL's role is not to prevent injuries but to make sure that "physical intimidation" is not a tactical option for our opponent. He did that last game and did it very well (most comments from fans of former BGL teams were "why wasn't he as good with us"). That's encouraging.

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