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10-20-2008, 10:39 AM
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Thanks for the spleen, now go **** yourself Sean.

Sure, he gave the team a shot of adrenaline, but as many stories coming out now have pointed out, his ****** baggery was already wearing thin in the lockerroom.

You don't give 5 years at 4 per to that kind of person, unless you want to regret it by year 2..

He played hard for the Rangers? Yeah? No ****, he's supposed to play hard for the Rangers, they all are.. It was funny to watch him get under Marty's skin, but it seems to me that Voros was able to do the same, without all the clowncar sideshow..

He can take his more worried about page six image and his disappearing in the second round of the playoffs ass and lick my juicy couture..

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