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10-20-2008, 10:06 PM
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i sat in desjardin tonight and was not impressed with the food.

the pretzles were way too salty!

the hotdogs taste bad.

the smoked meat was not nice meat, more like hot cheap ham and the fries that go with it were nasty.

popcorn was ok but they dont do sweet.

ice creams were good.

not a fan of nachos anyway.

i liked the minute maid apple juice though.

I thought the view was good although if people lean forward it can block the view.

Got my ticket for 70 dollars 5 mins before the game started so not a bad deal seeing as it would have cost 70 dollars for all that food.

oh and also does anyone know if the sections in the Reds behind the disabled people are obstructed view?

I know that those in row R need to look through glass to see the game but am not sure if it counts as obstructed?

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