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10-21-2008, 08:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Tuggy View Post
Who is going to buy a team and put it in Quebec City? Who is going to buy a team and what corporate sponsors are they going to get in Winnipeg? Ballisie is what this all centers around and he is rich enough to do what he wants. This is just an idea being floated and nothing more but to think this idea was brought up to bring a Stanley Cup to Ontario because the Leafs and Sens suck is what I find funny.

It seems to me the whole renting the arena was simply a response by Peddie when asked more than anything. I don't believe this is something that MLSE thought up.
Where did I say put one in winnipeg? quebec city? Now you're basing your argument on assumptions so if you want to start talking about intellect now is the time to.

The reason I say it's because the leafs and sens suck is because if it were happening to Montreal, Calgary, New Jersey, Other franchises that are even MILDLY successful, they'd put up a huge stink about having a second team in their city. In Toronto it's like a joyous occassion.

Regardless, they could still keep it in Ontario but why Toronto is all I'm saying. It's ridiculous to have two teams of the same exact city in the NHL. Long Island, Buffalo and New York City aren't all the exact same place and there are much more people in those three places combined then in Toronto.

To me, this idea is ridiculous come on, two teams in one city. That's like entering a 1 ticket only raffle twice. So now Montreal is just going to have Nashville, Phoenix and Atlanta come here and be Montreal #2, #3, #4. It's down right stupid.

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