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10-21-2008, 10:52 AM
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I hope we can be done with Avery. And as for those ex-girlfriends that you somehow dumped, you will remember only the good things after a while. We all now the fanatstic Avery against the Devils in last seasons playoff. We all now the record with and without him. But i remember his midseason last year, where was he? And in the 2nd round vs a very talentet pens team he simply disappeared (because they used the easiest trick in the book, ignorance, to shut him down comletely). I cant remember one single shift by Avery in that series. And he has not yet by any means won any points for a potential great Stars team either.

I loved the pest he was at times for us, but thats some of the reason my respect for Brodeur has gone down. Why did he let Avery come under his skin? A immature mediocre hockey player with a big mouth? You know Avery is good at it and you know thats what he is trying to do and STILL, as one of the gratest ever (people say) you let it happen. I dont get it.

Voros 3 years, 1 mill each. I'll take it any day in the week compared with the Avery option. And i know Voros most likely has over performed for us so far.

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