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10-21-2008, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by BadHabit View Post
And if you're going to start another franchise in the US, why not look at places like Houston? There are HUGE hockey ties in Texas and Houston has nearly 2 Million people, more than Dallas. There's a place that would succeed - move one of the troubled teams to there and get some exposure.
Houston intrigues me... they do have a large population down there (4th or 5th largest in the U.S., I think), and there have been some successful figure skaters from that area, which tells me they have rinks and therefore some youth hockey. At the same time, Houston has large segments of the population at or below the poverty level. I know there are some very wealthy people in the area too, but are there enough of them to support a team?

-How successful are the Aeros at selling tickets?
-How many seats does the Aeros' arena have?
-Would an NHL team require a new arena (most likely) or would adding seats to the Aeros' current arena suffice?

My other big concern with Houston is the proximity to Dallas. I think a big part of the problem in Florida is that, while the area probably could support A franchise, I don't think the interest is there to sustain both the Lightning and the Panthers; while the Stars are doing well AFAIK, I'm not sure that area has the interest level in hockey to sustain two teams within five hours of each other.

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