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10-21-2008, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by ForzaHabs View Post
What a perfect time for the NHL to WANT to sell a team to Balisle. Bunch of idiots the NHL and the owners are.
He was willing to pay Nashville owner value + prime for it, but once word got out that his intention was to move it to a more "hockey" oriented city (which being in Canada), Bettmen put a stop to it.

So now that the economy is in a state of constant flux, and RIM shares being lower then normal, they want to call Balisle to acquire a team?

If I was Jim, the second time the NHL shot me down, and then have them call me for a team...I would inquire with the NFL and what it would take to bring it to Toronto.

Bettmen has done NO GOOD for the NHL since his inception.
Balsillie wanted to move the Preds to freakin' Hamilton. I personally don't consider Hamilton as a very marketable city (No offense to people living there). I'm pretty sure that the value of the TV rights for the Nashville Predators are greater than what Hamilton could ever be.

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