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07-04-2004, 12:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Profet
I thought the definition of the word "star" is pretty clear cut... as in "All-Star".

If you have an alternate definition...then that is just silly.
It was just a question, no need to act like an a/sshole about it. I never equated a star and all star, I put All-Star above that, I guess I'm silly. That's why people say that someone's an All-Star and not a star, when he's an all-star, and not star. There r plenty of stars that haven't been all-stars. In the NBA, b4 this year Sam Cassell I'm almost positive hasn't been an All-Star b4 this season (and he's like 32 or 33), and he's always been a star. Lebron James can already be called a star and hasn't been an all-star, I'm sure if I think abut hockey I can come up w/ examples there too. Sorry, if I'm silly.

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