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10-21-2008, 01:07 PM
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kovalev has 2 goals, 2 assists in 6 games ....

he has a lot of shots ... missed the net / hit the post a lot of times...

he was our leading goalscorer last year, our best player, by far. He controls the powerplay, along with markov.

GIVE THE GUY A BREAK .... we only played 6 games... I mean, come on.

Wondering about kovalev and his attitude is like wondering if ovechkin would or wouldn't score 30 goals this year...

after 20 games, you can talk about these things, and even then ... there is over 60 games left, couple of multi points game here and there, and nobody is ever going to complain again about him.

Originally Posted by Lucius View Post
I am not worried about Kovalev, but I do feel like - especially in the last two games - he's getting frustrated and individualistic. Does that mean he's jumped the shark, hardly, but these last two games have been bad for him.

The difference though, between this year and last, is that last year even when he had a tough game, it seemed he'd throw one in on the PP and redeem himself. This year, he has hit a few posts in his tough games.

He'll be fine. Plekanec hasn't exactly been burning it up either.

The two of them just need a couple breaks and all will be well.

I think they just need a spark. If I was Carbo, I'd toss Laraque out with them for a couple shifts. Kovalev seems like he needs to get his blood flowing before he takes off. A shift with big Gorge running around might get him into the game.
I like.

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