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10-21-2008, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by GoldenForum View Post
Obviously the Habs are doing great. But (and I am not one of those eternal pessimists), there are a few things that need fixing and the earlier the better.

1- PP. Looks beautiful, but could be far more effective. They guys aren't shooting enough, plain and simple. Too many cross-ice passes in the opposing zone that are getting intercepted...sometimes we're trying to be too cute, which is anti-Jarvis.

2- Kovy. In many ways he epitomizes what I see in the PP. Effective, but can be so much more effective. Of course, other teams are zoning in on him along the half boards...he needs to work with what he's given and shoot more instead of always looking for the pretty pass. I really like the way he's driving to the net more on the PP. Even strength, he sometimes looks a little lacksidaiscal on the backcheck. Not worried, but you can see he doesn't look 100% comfortable yet. He, Pleks and AK46 will get it going, but I think, as Carbo pointed out, they can put in a little more effort and not expect their talent to just dictate their success.

3- O'Byrne. I think he's made some great strides this year and I have full faith in his growing pains...Komi went through much of the same (though I think we all know OBee will never be Komi). My concern is him coughing the puck up in our own end...often times when he's under no pressure at all to clear the zone. Happened twice last night against the Panthers, once leading to a goal and once a great scoring chance. We also saw it in a game earlier this year (I think against Boston) that cost us a goal in our own end. He's got to be a bit quicker in clearing the zone and maybe cut an inch off his stick.

4- Biggest concern: Taking our foot off the pedal once we have the lead. We can dominate and then just sick back a bit. We've all seen it in the past (perhaps not the dominate part) and we've already seen it this year with the exception of the Phoenix game. 60 minutes and consistency wins championships. If we zone out the way we have against the likes of Detroit, the Rangers, Pitt, Dallas, or San Jose, they'll pop 2 quick ones in our net and we'll find ourselves suddenly playing catchup. Do keep in mind that our schedule has been relatively easy thus far.

So many great things on display so far, but this year we're thinking Cup and we have to correct these shortcomings early so they will not become habits or part of the team psyche. Getting all our guys back from injuries will obviously also help...I think we could use a little Higgins lunch box effort in there!
A part for number 4, just give it some time. Actually I find that Obyrne is playing well. A lot say he won't become as good as Komi, it might be true but then again, if it were me, I wouldnt judge so fast, he's still young and learning. About Kovy, people are just affected by bad horny media looking for a scape goat when there isnt a problem, or to look to cause **** btween him and the captain. Kovy's game is good, he may not be showing the same numbers as others on his team, but 4 points in 6 games, with a couple posts hit, and some good tricks shown, leads me to say that he's fine, just don't listen to media as much. The pp, ok we didnt get as good as of start in otder to keep up with last seasons numbers, big deal its still just 6 games and we aren't last on pp, nor in top 10 i believe. But just check the stats, some teams have 100% on pp how long do you think that will last. Give it a few games, our rank in pp will rise. As for the bolded part, sure all of us would like to see habs being 100% efficient and pupping energy during a full 60 minutes. But let's just face it, they aren't machines, they are like us, they have ups and downs. These situations will happen, not a huge deal, until you blow a 3goal+ lead.

I just rechecked the part of me saying that some teams had 100% pp, I did see that like 3 days ago, but ok. STL is at 40% i doubt they'll keep it at those numbers within the 2 or 3 upcoming weeks. Besides our even strength is awesome as it is. I remember how last season, everyone was in panic cause we could only score on the pp.

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