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10-21-2008, 05:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Tricolore#20 View Post
B y the way, talking about Theodore, do any of you guys remember the start of the 2005/06 season? The Canadiens were winning games left and right, and were doing very well. However, every night that fall, it seemed like everyone had an issue with Theodore's goaltending. I was the biggest Theodore supporter (as was FOTS, IIRC), and continued to defend him. The criticism got so big (despite us winning games), that I had to start an "Official Jose Theodore thread," in which fans would post after every poor performance.
I was a huge Theo backer, however to this day I think he was being overcriticized in the early going of the season, just like I think Huet was being overcriticized last season. However Theodore's play that season just fell off a cliff in December/January and at that point it was clear in Montreal he was done.

Originally Posted by HotPie View Post
Hell, we all saw how Detroit was when they lost Lidstrom due to injury...
I hate this myth. Detroit did not simply regress when Lidstrom got hurt. They had lost 9 of 10, then Lidstrom got hurt, and they dropped 3 or in 5 after that. Lidstrom getting hurt had absolutely NO IMPACT on Detroit's 2nd half slide last season.

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