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Originally Posted by Ape Clutch View Post
Oh hypocrisy ur always around aren't you?

Latendresse plays with 3rd liners everyone points out that he's playing with 3rd - 4th liners and that's why he hasn't been producing he needs to play with offensive guys

Perezhogin plays with 3rd liners and ppl say he had no upside anyways... he didn't have a contract someone throws 3 million at him to play at home and he was supposed to accept montreal's 700K canadian taxable btw... u gotta be kidding

damn you bums and ur freaking double standards

p.s. u work in a company in canada, they are offering you a 65,000K job to work as a manager of whatever. someone in the united arab emirates offers you 150K non taxable... really man... really to do the same job? and the beauty of you accepting to go the the U.A.E. is that it's not even your home. Imagine if u were in the u.s. with the 65,000K offer and were told to come back home to the good ol' north for non taxable 150K... u would jump on that like white on rice

learn to put urself in other people's shoes
I agree with you but not when applying it to being an NHL player

playin in the NHL when your that age is better than playin anywhere else for what ever money

If he was trying to improve his game, and had the dream to play in the NHL then he stays for what ever money he gets till he shows he deserves more.

Lats will not leave for the KHL if the habs don't give him an inflated salary ehen he renegotiates....

edit: also lats scored 16 goals per season so far. How many goals did Perezhogin score? with all his icetime, and without lookin i bet he averaged about 2-3 minutes more than lats before this season.

edit: i would like to add

so far i would have to say that perezhogin is a good 2way forward with speed. That is capable of playing on a 3rd line on an NHL team.

But i would also have to say that he hasn't shown much interest in being an NHL'er. He wants money above all else. Combine the fact that he is a russian/left the NHL for the KHL already/not a team player/non physical/Heart is not in the NHL/not a game breaker, with all the above good atributes and you have a guy that is not a safe good option. He probably has improved over there but i still think he will stay there.

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