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07-04-2004, 10:55 AM
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If Keenan does those trades he would kill this franchise.

Their doing the right thing now in building through their prospects. Trading of Bouwmeester, Horton and Weiss in two seperate deals to acquire two very talented players in Thornton and Guerin (but heavely paid too) might work for about two years, but after you see the decline in Guerin and Thornton is complaining now (according to Brooks) of having no wings...who does he play with after Guerin? Anthony Stewart? He becomes their only legit prospect other than Olesz who is considered top end.

Sure Dallas will cover some salary, but it would only be the salary your already making room for in trading your core of talent in Bouwmeester, Horton and Weiss who make a little over 3.5 million combined. Plus how much does Thornton get if he goes to arbitration and wins?

Keenan is a wheeler, but I would be surprised to see him dump a Bouwmeester or Horton because he has a potential Guerin in Horton who is younger and cheaper and a legit top 2 Dman he often compairs to Pronger.

The only player I seee him dealing would be Weiss because they butted heads as coach and player, but he would never get those returns in a deal. He might for Guerin if he adds something or if Dallas covers less salary, but is Florida one of the teams that Guerin gave Management the "OK" to deal him too? I say no, he is looking for a contender or a major market, not a rebuilding franchise.

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