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10-21-2008, 11:31 PM
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Originally Posted by habfaninvictoria View Post
I love Komisarek as a player, IMHO he plays the game the way it should be, physically but not dirty. I wouldn't call him a chippy player, but an intense one that takes the body within the rules of the game. Because of how physical he plays he often ends up in situations where the opponents want to drop the gloves, he usually doesn't, but obviously he has to sometimes.

Of the fights I've seen on youtube, there are a few recurring themes:
Almost all follow a strong bodycheck by Komi, and the fight starts in very close corners.
His Gloves and stick are usually in the way somehow.
He always clutches and usually wrestles more than punches.
Ends up on his back.

I think with Laroque here his life will be easier with regards to fighting, but if you are going to play a physical game in todays NHL, you will be required to use your fists. Does he fight this way because he:
A/ Has been told by coaches to protect his hands and stay away from fights.
B/ Hasn't been required to fight in US High School and University program and is very unconfident in the situation.

He's a big boy and I'd like to see him gain a reputation like Larry Robinson where he can physically punish you legally and you don't want to drop the gloves with him or you'll be headed to a plastic surgeon.

I may be way off base here, maybe I haven't seen the right highlight.

Do teams have fighting coaches, or is that a taboo subject?
the reason carbo tells komi not to fight bc hes too valuable to the team to be out for 5 mins+.....if he would fight he wud wat wud u prefer komi fight and be out for 5 mins and possibly more if he gets injured or for him to win a simple fight that wnt do much

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