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10-22-2008, 09:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Lone Rogue View Post
not sitting in the penalty box and being happy about beating up Milan Lucic. .
All due respect that would never happen. Lucic is heads and shoulders above Komi in terms of fighting

Komisarek is more valuable to us on the ice...then in the penalty box
No one said he had to fight in the most crucial spot in the game. Guys like Iginla and Phaneuf fight, what?, 8 times a year. Find a few times a year when the game is pretty much decided and send a message. Even if he's in the box for 5 minutes at a mildly important spot in the game, then he misses, perhaps 2 shifts!?!? The "we cant afford to have him in the box" argument is one of the most wildly overrated in all of hockey IMO. The fact is, he's not going to be getting into fights in overtime or something where his presence is indispensable for 5 minutes.

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