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07-04-2004, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Theo Fan
Sure thing, and from the looks of it he's not interested in returning to the Flyers....either that or the Flyer's aren't interested in bringing him back. One way or the other. Everybody would probably throw a fit here if he was signed instead of Rolston, but everybody's also gotta look at the bigger picture, which is we need somebody to center Jagr and Zhamnov would make alot of sense. Rolston would be nice indeed, but he seems like more of somebody you'd sign if you're trying to put together a team that needs to win now. The Ranger's just need to get by. Becides, we have guys within the orginazation that can do the job Rolston would do. Maybe not as well, but again, it's not like we're gonna be making a run anytime soon.

That and Zham also wouldn't cost alot either.
I'm liking this idea. I mean, Rolston or Conroy wouldn't be bad signings because they seem to set good examples. Thats why i would go with them. But as you said, this is just to get by. Zhamnov is extremly skilled and probably could do well with jagr, but who wouldnt. Jagr turned Holik into a offensive presence.

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