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Originally Posted by Erika Kostitsyn View Post
Sorry, but this pick is as worst as picks like Brent Bilodeau, Jason Ward, Turner Stevenson and so on !! It's not because it's Trevor Timmins that he can't be wrong with his draft choices.

1) First of all, THERE ARE NO surefire prospect in this world. Every player has a busting percentage, some just has a higher rate than others. That's why IMO, you draft the best player available with the main criteria: TALENT and OFFENSIVE SKILLS !!

2) The players that you listed were considered somehow "Safe" to make the NHL, which turns out absolutely false at this moment. Thoses guys were projected to be future 3rd/4th liners or bottom pairing defensemen at best. My point is, why taking thoses kind of players when you can have bigger catches with players who has higher potential ?! Thoses so called "Safe" prospect with limited potential are good in the 3rd round and laters, but in the first round ?!?! PLease... they become Jason Ward, A.J Thelen and Kyle Chipchura of this world...

The guy that was projected as a 3rd liner might turn out only as a 4th liner or Career AHLer. On the other hand, the guy that was projected to be a top 6 forward might turn out to be a 3rd or 4th liner. His potential is better, there's more chance that he will have more impact on his future team and and so on... There's always chances that he can become a good 2-way player. You can't teach Offensive skills, but you can teach defensive skills. , just ask Sergei Kostitsyn

3) What's the point of drafting theses so called "safe" prospect with limited potential, only to see them bust ?!?! You don't win much if they pans out, but YOU LOSE A 1ST ROUND PICK if they Bust !! I'd feel better if the player I took bust because he was riskier due to his higher ceiling than a guy with small potential that bust the same...

Like I said before and I will repeat it again will pleasure, guys like Kyle Chipchura are raining in this world and you guys can't tell me the opposite right now.

Finally to answer Montreal, Tomas Plekanec is an offensive player. Him taking more time to develop is fine with me, because he was kind of a project. Where did I say that Plekanec sucked ?! He's one of my favorite Habs player. But a so called "Safe prospect" like Kyle Chipchura still being in the AHL after 4 years, is just pathetic
You just keep digging deeper and deeper with your comments which make my head hurt. Chipchura as bad of a pick as Bilodeau, your either just trying to stir things up or your so off base you don't have clue what your talking about. I always liked Ward at least he worked hard but he was lacking in skills. Stevenson though he had a decent career I wouldn't knock him at all personally.

1) Yes I agree with that, all prospects can bust, but to me Chipchura is a lock to play in the nhl as he's a safe bet, you know what your getting with him. Very smart hockey sense, good passing skills, very good puck protection skills, good strength and balance, elite PKer, smart positional, hard working, leadership qualities. Chipchura could end up a bust as anyone else can but he already does all the little things right, just needs to round out certain parts of his game, so at worst he should be a regular 4th line in the future.

2)You need quality players at every position, so what if you get them in the 1st round, it all works out in the end, when you find guys like Kostitsyn in th 7th round or Halak in the 9th. The Habs have drafted very well since Timmins took over so one would think he knows what he's doing.

3)How do you know a player will bust just because he's a defensive forward? How do you know that Chipchura won't be able to contribute offensively?

As for guys like Chipchura raining in the AHL and no one can tell you otherwise, well I can tell you but you won't listen as it appears your going to be stuck on your opinion. I would like to know just how many AHL games you watch, cause I've seen a ton every year, and for some reason I don't see a bunch of Kyle Chipchura's all over the place.

As for your comment on Pleks, more pure gold. So it's ok that it took Pleks or Kostitsyn 3 years in the AHL because they are offensive but because Chipchura is a defensive forward he should be in the NHL faster? How about the injury that cost him a year of development, does that factor? He's spent 2 years in the AHL at this point, it's a process that you can't just say a safe guy should take this long and offensive guys can take this long. PLAYERS DEVELOP AT THEIR OWN RATE, some will get there faster then others, it's not a race to who gets the NHL first, its' how they help the team win, which imo we'll start to see more of this year from Chipchura and beyond this year hopefully we'll see a lot of that from him.

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