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07-04-2004, 06:20 PM
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to defend the Wirtz's

Originally Posted by NYR469
imo the thing about these signings that raises an eyebrow isn't the individual signings themselves but rather how all the signings seem to completely contradict gary bettman's claim that the owners are 100% unified behind his 'cost certainty' plan...

it isn't exactly 'business as usual' because most of the signings are teams re-signing their own guys, but several teams are acting like they don't expect or want a $31 mil cap like bettman says....which fuels what i believe, in that when it comes to a cap it'll be harder to get the owners to agree among themselves ('rich' teams vs 'poor' teams) than the owners vs players...

and chicago's signing of brown and baranby might be the most shocking of all...not that either guy is making that much $$, but wirtz is usually known as the cheapest owner around and it isn't like he is trying to add the final peices to the you'd think if anyone avoided spending heading into the lockout it would be him...

a number of teams have more than $31 mil in salary locked up in a handful of players...doesn't exactly send the message that all the owners are behind bettman's plan

They had 9 million commited in salary to the team next year, they had a serious need for bodies as they have about 10-12 players under contract.

This was a good move by Chicago simply because both players they got work extremely hard and both are pretty physical players with Barnaby the agitator.

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